About Me

Alvaro Lacouture

Hi! I am Alvaro, a technologist, designer, and anthropologist based in New York. I am currently enrolled in NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, where I am exploring the use of technology to create meaningful experiences through a human-first approach. I see the combination of different disciplines involving art, science, and technology as a vast field with unlimited potential. As an artist and anthropologist interested in human-computer interaction, my designs work towards the development of aesthetic experiences where the individual becomes the most essential piece. Most of my projects seek to find connection between the humans through digitally crafted experiences, and they involve the creation of audiovisual immersive experiences.

My projects have addressed the creation of generative digital content and the elaboration of multimedia installations, which sometimes use coding, game engines, websites, applications, mixed reality experiences, and custom designed software and hardware.

I’m open to any type of communication and collaboration.

You can reach me through any of the social media links implemented at the top of this page, or more directly at:  lacouture100@gmail.com