Abstract VR

Hardware: HTC Vive, DJI Drone
Software: Unreal Engine 4, Unity, Blender, PTGui, Adobe Suite
Programming language: C#
Development time: 1-2 years



AbstractVR is a project which used Virtual Reality for commercial construction exhibitions. It allowed construction agencies to sell their projects in a more efficient manner, where people could view the living spaces without them even being constructed. This allowed potential customers to explore their future homes and get the full sense of their investment. For this purpose, we developed customized software for architectural visualization in VR using Unreal Engine 4. The software is currently in use by HSP Construcciones, a major real estate construction agency in Colombia

The software was developed taking into account users wanted to feel as if they were already living in the project presented by the Construction Company. To fulfill this we developed every space according to the blueprints presented to us by the construction company, effectively replicating the actual size of the construction inch by inch. We also e used Aerial Drone photography to reconstruct the view from every apartment as if it was already built, efficiently replicating the actual view from the constructed building. Users enjoyed the view from their virtual balconies as if they were in a real apartment.

The software also presented the users with options for exploring the common areas, garages, rooftops, and social areas. We also took into account the fact that not many people would be interested in viewing the project in VR, so we made a “cinematographic view” where users could explore the construction without the need for a VR headset, on a screen.

More info at:  abstractvrcolombia@gmail.com

User's view of the apartment in VR
Screenshot from one of the projects HSP Construcciones has currently setup in Ibague, Colombia.
Loading Screen with drone view of the chosen apartment.
Selection Menu Preview.(Phone recording from client)
User's view of the apartment in VR
Apartment with a reconstructed aerial view of Ibague from the tenth floor.
AbstractVR in construction fair.
AbstractVR at a construction fair in Ibague.
AbstractVR Loading Screen
AbstractVR Loading Screen

You can check out our promo video below: