Bogotá Cinematheque Inauguration (2019)

Hardware: Windows PC, Microsoft Kinect 2, Barco projector
Software: Unity
Programming language: C#
Development time: 6 weeks


I was given the honor to develop an interactive audiovisual installation made for the inauguration of Bogotá’s Cinematheque in June 2019,presented by the Art, Science and Technology line of Idartes, CKWeb, and the Cinematheque, as well as the local government. The project is a large-scale projection mapping that allowed users to explore Colombia’s Cinematographic database through the use of their hands. The experience created a virtual world where each movie was represented by a cube alongside some basic information about the film. The users could grab, punch or collide each movie with each other while also enjoying some iconic scenes from Colombia’s rich cinematographic past.

The tracking was made using a Kinect 2 to track the user’s presence and head movement, later to be replicated in the projection. Instead of a parallax effect, the setup was thought in a way the user would feel as if they were reaching out into another reality. The simulation and database control was created in Unity. The software itself presented two states, idle and active. one for user presence and another for user absence. Thanks to everyone who made part of this project, and to the Art, Science and Technology line of Idartes, CKWeb, and the Cinematheque.

Interactive Visualization of Colombian cinematography. Bogota. 2019.
Shot from behind a user towards the projected surface.


User testing with multiple users.
Single User Testing.