Horizonte Clock

Video render made with Unreal Engine

Hardware: Windows PC, Arduino MKR1010 WiFi, Neopixels LED strips, Laser cutter
Software: Arduino IDE, Autodesk Eagle, Adobe Suite, Unreal Engine 4
Programming language: Arduino C/C++
Development time: 14 weeks


Horizonte is a clock that adjusts its color gradients and light patterns in real-time according to the device’s location and the current time of day. The clock deploys a WiFi access point for remote configuration and personalization. I wanted to stay away from the feeling of preciseness, I preferred a much less rigid, and non-invasive way of letting you know what part of the day it is. The clock gradually shifts from one stage of the day to the next, taking around 5- 20 minutes to shift depending on the event, location, and date.

The project uses a server-based API hosted on Heroku to acquire the time for each particular ‘sun event’ in the day, such as Dawn, Sunset, etc… The clock only depicts events that happen between Dawn and Dusk. Why? well, these are the first and last stages of sunlight, and if you are a fan of ” From Dusk till Dawn”, those are vampire-safe times.

You can find more about the process, including software and hardware development in this blog post.

Working Prototype

Horizonte main image
Horizonte first iteration

User interface

User task flow

User task flow diagram