Niebla (2016)

Niebla 2016

Hardware: Windows PC, Three Optoma projectors
Software: Adobe Suite, Touchdesigner
Programming language: Python
Development time: 3 weeks

Niebla is a commissioned audiovisual installation for Plataforma: Interactive Laboratory for Art, Science, and Technology in Bogotá, Colombia in 2016. It was presented as the “Year-end” presentation for the Lab.

The work was a large-scale video-mapping composition of hundreds of videos made by Omar Rincon, a well-known critique and academic from Colombia. The piece reflected on fog and it’s relevance as a metaphor of how communication media all over the world obscured the truth with a foggy discourse.

Screenshots of the complete composition. Each of them were 5 minute videos mapped onto 3 walls, each with a 6 meter length.

Chapter 2 screenshot
Chapter 3 screenshot

I also created postcards that served as invitations for the inauguration. Each of them represented a different chapter in the audiovisual composition.

Postal 1
Postal 2
Postal 3
Inauguration picture.