Sketch 01 – Roll-a-ball game in Unity

This week’s assignment was to get comfortable using Unity by following the Roll-a-ball tutorial.

You can find the code and project in this github repository. I have used Unity before, however, I did have these takeaways from the tutorial:

  • TextMeshPro is considered to be a standard, instead of normal text.
  • Any gameobject with a collider and a rigid body component is considered dynamic. Unity won’t treat it as static or stationary. The pickup obj should not be considered to be static since it will take unity longer to calculate each frame because the cubes are rotating.
  • Kinematic rigidbodies do not react to physics forces.
  • Gravity set to 0 is a half-assed solution, it will still react to physics.
  • On the Unity Menu, go to Window -> TextMesh Pro -> Font Asset creator, and select the font you want to convert. (thanks to totsboy in SO)

I had an issue where my keyboard appeared as unsupported (See image below). However, after starting the project from 0 again it worked out. I reinstalled my keyboard driver also.

Unity keyboard debugger