Sketch – 03 – Digitizing myself

The task for this week was to create our own 3D avatar using the itseez3D software, installed on an iPad using a Structure sensor mark II. The process was straight forward, following the video Igal recommended as a guide.

In a a general sense, You use the strucure camera to make a 3D model including textures. Then, you upload it as a high quality version on to the cloud platform provided by itseez3D. After paying(it cost me $8 US dollars) you can download the model and upload it on to Mixamo , an Adobe own platform with several Unity-ready mocap animations. You will be asked to locate certain parts of your model’s body, and then proceed to download. Later on, there are two manners I found out that worked.

  • The first one was to import some of the downloaded files from Mixamo into Unity. This means only the obj and png texture file. Once imported, I made a new material and added the texture file as the base map.
  • The second method was to import the Mixamo obj file in to blender and export it as an fbx, already containing the material.

Below you can see how creepy my result was at first.

I later realized each animation was tied to the exported model. That means that any animation you want to have with your character you have to select it first in Mixamo before downloading the animation file.

Then, I was blown away by the power of this representation in a simulated environment. It took an hour to make the whole process and make it seem realistic without so much precision… How much does it take to simulate our reality every instant?…. After all of these rhetorical ramblings and thoughts about simulated realities, I only had one solution.


Dancing salsa with myself.


Reality Capture – Photogrammetry Room

So, My computer crashed several times while uploading my model on Unity. The error was not apparent enough for me to solve it at the time, associated with unknown characters in the control script.

Unity error
Unity error

So below I have a video of the photogrammetry resulted using 340 images and Reality Capture.

Thank you for reading.