ICM Sound

Sound Composition

The Idea

The Idea was to develop a sound composition that lasts between 30 seconds and a minute using any resource available in P5. I developed a sound performance with Rachel Costas which you can find ahead.

The Process

We found a useful online site with hundreds of different user submitted and license free sounds. (link here). We had decided that creating a soundscape would be most beneficial, as we wouldn’t depend on a specific rate, tempo, or beat. My love for insects was contagious, and we decided to make insects our main character.

If you have ever been surrounded by crickets in a silent night you should perceive their sound is deafening, it overcomes any other sounds and engulfs you into a different state of mind. We tried to replicate this feeling with the same sound and withe a lower frequency.

We began scanning the site for sounds that would work, looking for clean, short and profoundly powerful sounds. As a background we decided to introduce the low frequency sound I mentioned before as to maintain a nice overpowering bass throughout the composition.

Audacity for audio edition.

Thanks for reading!