Week 1

Wearable Prototyping

The Idea

As part of the discussion of what is Physical Computing, we developed a prototype for a universal translator device. The device is meant to be used in situations where the user requires an immediate translation of the conversation at hand. In other terms, it allows someone to have a fluid conversation with another person without any delays in translation. The device consists of two objects:


Person wearing headphone prototype.
Universal translator watch first menu view.

1. A digital watch which serves as a control interface for the device. Thought primarily as an app for smartwatch devices, the interface allows control over translation and language settings, as well as activation functions, volume control, and full visual functionality to control the auricular component. It also allows the transmission of the user’s translated voice to the receptor, allowing each to see a text translation for the conversation in the app screen.

2. An auricular component which allows a direct transmission relayed by the smartwatch device. It allows the user to hear what is being said in their own language, without any delay. This allows a fluid reception of the conversation at hand and in real-time. The auricular includes directional and omnidirectional microphones, in case the user needs to use the device in a crowd and requires multiple translations at the same time.