Sketch – 01 – Time as a rain of events

We can think of the world as made up of things. Of substances. Of entities. Of something that is. Or we can think of it as made up of events. Of happenings. Of processes. Of something that occurs. Something that does not last, and that undergoes continual transformation, that is not permanent in time. The destruction of the notion of time in fundamental physics is the crumbling of the first of these two perspectives, not of the second. It is the realization of the ubiquity of impermanence, not of stasis in a motionless time.

  • Carlo Rovelli, The Order of Time (2017). P. 99

Rovelli’s fascinating recollection of concepts about time is rich with enjoyable quotes. The one I just presented resonated with an idea I have been exposed to more than often lately: time as a series of impermanent events. I have been marveled at the idea of an event as something beyond an action, or as a continuity of actions, which are given a start and an end on the basis of the observer’s perspective. I wanted to consider each of the encounters (be it entities, things, thoughts, etc…) we have in our conscious experience as an event. A fractal-like logic which gives ample space to explore creatively. I had a simple idea which I reproduced in p5.js. I have attached a GIF and a link to the repository below. I will probably develop this idea further on in Unity3D since it gives me more possibilities to experiment in a 3D space.