Week 1

Design Analysis of "Mr Nobody" poster

Mr Nobody movie poster.

As a part of our development in the Visual Language class for the first week, we had to choose a book cover, poster, packaging or any form of graphic design.  I chose “Mr. Nobody”, a cult film released in 2009 and directed by Jaco Van Dormael which tells the story of the last mortal human in a futuristic immortal society.

Mr Nobody poster structure.
Mr. Nobody poster

Hierarchy of Elements

In terms of hierarchy we can see that the character’s head is the main part of the image. In terms of visual real estate, it covers the most terrain.  and most of all a color predominancy contrasting the white background, stark. The concentric rings around the character’s face make it seem as if his face is constantly shifting, in movement, and as in the movie, moving through time. It also makes us understand that the movie is surely going to be focused around this character.


I used the What the Font? tool to find that Blacktie seemed to be the most similar font. For this specific title, however, it seems as if the font was personalized for the movie. It seems to be wider and missing some parts as to give it a more “cybernetic” type of look. I would even say that they mixed it with another font called “Futurist Fixed”. Investigating a bit more, I found that the font for the title and the credits is in the “fixed-width” style.


Futurist Font
Futurist fixed font.
Font search result.
Blacktie font.
Font search GIF
Font search GIF

Color system

"Mr. Nobody" color pallette

Most of the color in the image is concentrated in the center, on the character’s face. In that sense, most colors are from the lighter pinkish skin tone area. 

The rest of the image is composed of white tones, almost reaching a ghostly winter grey.


HEX codes for each color here.

Movie trailer