Week 2

Redesigning a Delta Airlines boarding pass

The Idea

As a part of our development in the Visual Language class in the second week, we had to  redesign an airline ticket from Delta Airlines.

Original boarding pass.
Original boarding pass.
Redesigned boarding pass
Redesigned boarding pass

Hierarchy of Elements

In terms of hierarchy I tried to relay the nominal data towards the left side of the ticket, with most of the numerical data is towards the center. I set a dark bar across the first upper third section to display the most important data you need when you’re trying to find your way through the airport.


For the font type I used Helvetica, commonly used for information display format,  commonly used because of it’s fixed width and legibility. For each information displayed we have a descriptive title with a font size of 28, and it’s corresponding data is precisely half the size. After testing on print, I found that 10 was the minimum font size for the text to be actually legible at a reading distance. That’s why  the “stub” has this minimum as it’s font size.


Color system

Boarding pass color palette.

Besides the Delta Airlines style guide determined blue and red, I chose  a grayscale for the rest of the boarding pass. This was done so the background and the text could have a nice contrast.

Thanks for reading!