Week 4

ITP Winter Show Proposal

The Idea

As a part of our development in the Visual Language class for the fourth week, I created a design as a proposal for the 2019 ITP Winter Show. The Idea was to give it a human feel to the composition, away from the Arduino, cables, and devices imagery that have characterized the previous posters.

The Color Palette

Poster Color Palette
Color palette made using the Adobe color create online tool

The Composition

I decided to use Michelangelo’s famous painting “Adam’s Creation” as a starting point for the composition. Beyond any interpretation that derives into the relationship between the human and the divine, the painting for me is representative of a master craftsmen’s dream. A human dream.

On the other hand, I wanted to break this relationship with divinity and introduce our new idol: Technology. In that sense, i put a semicolon representative of the type that must go at the end of every line in Javascript.

The Result

Final Design
Final Design

Thanks for reading!