Week 5

Personal Brand

The Idea

This week we had to develop a personal brand. This involved creating a logo, a color scheme, and typography which would accommodate any type of personal media I want to publish. I took the logo I used the last couple of years as a starting point. First, I decided to discard the “L” from my last logo. I wanted to create something more uniform and iconic: a streamlined, easily adaptable icon that can be used in different mediums and with multiple variations.

In that sense, I decided to design everything based on the “A” in Alvaro.

2017 logo

The Typography

While looking through several typographies, I went for my usual fixed-width kind of style. Sans serif seemed like the type family to look at, so I tried several different variations with my name until I decided to use Sharp Grotesk, bold 15.

The Logo


For the logo, I experimented with different “A” variations that could implement the A, J, and L initials in a subtle way. Also, I noticed sharp angles go well together, and probably the fixed-width approach would serve me well in this part too.

Though I battled against my “rounded” intuition, a sharp-edged Logo would definitely work better with my chosen typography.

As for the color palette, I can’t go against my monochrome nature. I chose black and white variations as part of my logo. However, I played around a bit more and found that gradients look beautiful inside the logo as well, so it was a win-win situation.

Logo deconstructed into different letters

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